GADP works to achieve its aims through nation-specific development programs. We emphasise partnership and long-term commitment with our host countries to support a lasting and sustainable impact on the provision of safe anaesthetic care in under-resourced settings.

This model of working allows us the flexibility to deliver programs that are responsive to local needs while sharing good practice, facilitating learning and offering peer support. To find out how we have adapted to provide support to our partners within the covid 19 pandemic check out covid 19 response ... and see our 2020 Impact Report here.

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We are currently on the ground in Zambia and Ethiopia.

ZADP is our flagship program and has had volunteer boots on the ground since 2012. As the body of trained physician anaesthetists grows we can see that this partnership has adapted and grown to offer much more than an the initial 4 year competency based anaesthesia training program we set out to deliver. Hand in hand with the Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia (established and run by graduates of the training program) we are working closely on a number of initiatives to improve the provision of safer anaesthesia in Zambia and equip the graduates with the essential skills to become effective leaders in healthcare.

The Zambia Anaesthetic Development Program (ZADP) has supported the training of 23 specialist Physician Anaesthetists and currently supports a further 14 Physician Anaesthetists in training. The programme initially based in Lusaka has now expanded its support to the Copperbelt province.

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In partnership with AAU/Black Lion Hospital (Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital), GADP and the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society International Training Education Foundation (CASIEF) have been working together to run EADP since 2018.

Ethiopia currently has around 40 locally trained anaesthesiologists working in the country. This is well below the WHO-WFSA recommendation of 5 physician anaesthetists per 100,000 population, considering Ethiopia has a population of around 105-110 million people.

EADP has supported the rapid expansion of the anaesthesia program and over the last two years allowing the number of residents in training to more than double. Currently there are 49 in training. EADP support includes recruiting and funding a small number of Anaesthesia Fellows  for 3-6 month placements, alongside short-term visiting faculty visits for up to 2 months, as well as funding and running specific courses and providing education and mentoring to local staff.

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Our Overseas Healthcare Leadership Program (OHLP) is a novel four-week training scheme developed for newly qualified consultants from low and middle-income countries to provide focused leadership training.

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INSPIRE through Clinical Teaching is a four-day multi-discplinary course specifically developed for medical education teacher training in low-resource settings.

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Zambian partners – Society of Anaesthetists of Zambia
Ethiopian partners – Ethiopian Society of Anaesthesiologists P.A
Ethiopian partners – Canadian Anaesthesiologists Society International Education Foundation (CASIEF)