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Anaesthesia Development Programs

We currently have two nation-specific anaesthesia development programs. Our original program, the Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program (ZADP) is a collaboration between GADP and the Society of Zambian Anaesthetists (SAZ). Our more recent program in Ethiopia, the Ethiopia Anaesthesia Development Program is a collaboration between GADP, the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society International Education Foundation (CASIEF) and Addis Ababa University (AAU).

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Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program (ZADP) established in 2012

Ethiopia Anaesthesia Development Program (EADP) established in 2018

Both the ZADP and the EADP have in-country teams that are working collaboratively with locals to develop and deliver the anaesthesia training programs. Alongside both these in-country teams are a team of anaesthetists who support the teaching programs remotely.

Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program


In-country fellows have a role both in and out of theatre. In theatre they deliver teaching and gain valuable experience in a different healthcare setting.


Senior trainees are supported to make and deliver anaesthetic plans for complex patients.


Clinical skills are taught by in-country fellows both in the classroom through simulation and in theatre.

Ethiopia Anaesthesia Development Program


Simulation is used to teach practical anaesthetic skills in addition to rehearsing difficulties that may occur in clinical environments.

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EADP delivers teaching using resources based on the VAST course.


EADP uses discussion based learning as a means of developing non-technical skills.

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