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In 2022, GADP developed the option to be a “Friend of GADP”, in response to requests from supporters to get more involved with the charity’s work, to hear more partnership news, and to support the charity with a regular donation. Friends of GADP can choose to offer more practical support to the charity (for example with fundraising, social media and communications), and importantly can commit to a monthly donation, which will support the work of the charity. In return, Friends will receive a newsletter every three months, which will contain reports, photos and stories from both GADP’s Zambian and Ethiopian partnerships.

We hope that the Friends of GADP initiative will help our supporters feel more involved in and informed about our work, and crucially will generate a predictable monthly income for the charity, which is so essential to ensure our partnership work can continue.

In-country Fellowships

There are opportunities to be part of our partnership projects in both Zambia and Ethiopia. Typically, in-country posts last 3-12 months. For more information about each fellowship please see our ZADP or EADP web pages.

Look out for upcoming advertisements for in-country Fellowship posts. If you would like to find out more or express an interest, please email

EADP are currently recruiting for 3-6 month posts with flexible start dates from February 2024 onwards. Posts are funded for appropriate travel, accommodation and living expenses. For more information or to express an interest please email including a copy of your current CV.

Remote Global Anaesthesia Fellowships

Both EADP and ZADP have remote teaching programs. The aim of each is to support in-country fellows and local Consultants to deliver training to trainees. Posts typically last for 6-months but
there is a degree of flexibility with regard to the start time and duration. To find out more about each program, head to the EADP and ZADP pages.

You can support the remote teaching programs by undertaking a Remote Global Anaesthesia Fellowship.

To find out more about the Ethiopia Remote Global Anaesthesia Fellowship or to express an interest in supporting the program on an ad hoc basis, email

To find out more about the Zambia Remote Global Anaesthesia Fellowship or to express an interest in supporting the program on an ad hoc basis, email

Consultant Posts

We strongly value Consultant support for our projects. Consultants may travel to Zambia or Ethiopia to support the projects for variable periods of 2 weeks+. Consultant posts are recruited on a continuous basis. The role is predominantly to provide senior support to the local team and in-country Fellows but can also be tailored to a particular specialist interest that you may have.  For example, Dr Kovacs, a UK based Consultant Anaesthetist specialising in Regional Anaesthesia spent two weeks in Zambia in June 2023 supporting the Zambia Regional Anaesthesia Project.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

Fundraise For Us

GADP is a not-for-profit charity. Our work is not possible without the generosity of others. We rely on winning grants and fundraising contributions to provide the resources needed to deliver our programs of work.

Low quality surgical and anaesthetic care is responsible for significant amount of avoidable death and disability worldwide.  By supporting us you are contributing to the education and training of a generation of doctors to give safe anaesthesia – doctors who will be expert educators for the next generation; who will be empowered to engage with management so their patients may access the safest drugs, equipment and receive the highest standard of peri-operative care.

Our current fundraising call is focusing on supporting our partners with ongoing in-country and remote educational and wellbeing support.


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We are so grateful to all those who fundraise for us. Please share your fundraising stories with us so we can be by your side on your fundraising journey. Tag us!

Watch Our 2023 Conference

We are proud to present the replay of
our latest Annual GADP Conference; Adapting, building and collaborating. Each talk is individually listed to allow convenient selection of each talk. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this event.

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