Global Anaesthesia Development Partnerships (GADP) establishes sustainable collaborations with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to create and support the development of a skilled anaesthetic workforce


We create meaningful partnerships that work to develop anaesthesia training in LMICs. Learn more about the motivation behind our partnerships, what our goals are and how we deliver them.

Our Partnership Programs

A large part of our work is undertaken via the operation of nation specific development programs. Our two main programs are the;

Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program (ZADP) established in 2012

Ethiopia Anaesthesia Development Program (EADP) established in 2018

No matter who you are or where you are, we all need access to safe anaesthesia care. There are many ways that you can help GADP’s commitment to developing safe anaesthesia care globally.

"I would recommend anyone to come and do the ZADP Fellowship at some point in their life. A lot can happen in six months. My entire life has changed, not just professionally but also personally. I have a different perspective on so many things, I've also really enjoyed living in southern Africa."
Dr Fatu-Amie Kalokoh
ZADP Fellow 2023
"Training to be an anesthesiologist is always going to be a challenging path to take. Having the right kind of people and support around you is pivotal to making that path smooth and enjoyable. This is why I am so grateful for ZADP fellows who make the arduous journey through specialisation easier by offering invaluable support, quality teaching, quality advice, and most importantly, quality banter!"
Dr Mack Kalenga
Senior Anaesthesia Trainee, Zambia

Meet The Team

GADP was created and continues to be guided by a dedicated and diverse team of individuals with a shared desire to improve global access to safe anaesthesia care.

Read Our 2022 Impact Report

We are delighted to share with you our latest ZADP Impact Report celebrating the achievements and learning of 2022. The report showcases how we continue to navigate challenges to build safer anaesthetic care in Zambia.

Watch Our 2023 Conference

We are proud to present the replay of our latest Annual GADP Conference; Adapting, building and collaborating. Talks are individually listed to allow convenient selection of each talk. Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of this event.

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