GADP is a not for profit charity. Our work is not possible without the generosity of others. We rely on winning grants and fundraising contributions to provide the resources needed to deliver our programs of work. Low quality surgical and anaesthetic care is responsible for a significant amount of avoidable death and disability worldwide.

Covid-19 poses a real threat to Global Health Partnerships like ours. We cannot send volunteers to partner countries to provide training and support to local anaesthetists in person, multiple courses have been cancelled, funding for safe global surgery initiatives are slipping on the global health agenda and are no longer a priority in governments international aid budgets. Meanwhile, we know our partners are working harder than ever to find safe ways of working through the pandemic to protect their patients and themselves and need our support now more than ever.

We are committed to continuing to support anaesthesia in Zambia and Ethiopia. We have adapted and have found innovative ways to support the specialist anaesthetist training programmes and practice development using remote methods and mentoring.  We have continued to use our experience and strong relationships to do whatever we can to continue our work, and with your help we can take it further.

We are committed to ensuring the essential role of international health partnerships remains on the global agenda so we can continue to provide specialist training and support to anaesthetists in Zambia and Ethiopia. Contributions will allow us to provide training and support online, pioneer new methods of remote training, and continue to advance vital programmes. There is the option to support us through one off donations or as a monthly contribution through our JustGiving page.

Sustainable facemasks and theatre hats that support safer surgery.

The GADP volunteers have been busy during lockdown and we have a supply of fantastic new surgical hats and facemasks made from beautiful African chitenge. Using our safe, washable and reusable surgical hats will reduce the environmental impact in the operating theatre, add some colour to your day and support the work of GADP.

Our hats and masks are great for cheering up the darker winter days during the ongoing pandemic, and the funds they raise will support vital project work helping to support anaesthesia and surgery in both Ethiopia and Zambia during the pandemic. The suggested donation for a face mask is £5 and hat is £10.

If you would like to buy hats and/or masks, or are interested in selling them in your department on our behalf please get in touch with us via e-mail:

GADP volunteer Dr Hannah Phelan cycled Namibia to Zambia to raise awareness and funds for GADP and the importance of safer surgery.
Theatre hats are just one way to support our fundraising efforts
Cake sales and cheese and wine evenings are other ways to raise awareness of our work, raise funds and happiness levels in your department