GADP is a not for profit charity. Our work is not possible without the generosity of others. We rely on grants and fundraising to provide the resources needed to support our in country partners, whatever is thrown at them. Low quality surgical and anaesthetic care is responsible for a significant amount of avoidable death and disability worldwide. Combine this with a third wave of Covid-19 and those rates of death and disability climb higher still. We are seeing first hand the devastating impact a pandemic has on vulnerable healthcare systems, staff and patients. Let our partners describe the situation for you….

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Our current fundraising efforts are focused on supporting the procurement of oxygen which is in scarce supply.

£225 buys an oxygen concentrator, a pulse oximeter and oxygen delivery devices for 15 people. Each oxygen concentrator includes access to vital training about how to maintain the machines - they are expected to last for more than ten years, helping critically unwell patients for long after the pandemic.


GADP volunteer Dr Hannah Phelan cycled Namibia to Zambia to raise awareness and funds for GADP and the importance of safer surgery.
Theatre hats are just one way to support our fundraising efforts
Cake sales and cheese and wine evenings are other ways to raise awareness of our work, raise funds and happiness levels in your department