No matter who you are or where you are, we all need access to safe anaesthetic care

Help us in our campaign to improve access to safe anaesthesia care. Every donation you make goes towards this goal. We are prioritising the following essential resources that our charity needs to be able to support the training of even more specialist anaesthetists


Essential Resources

Volunteer Time

Support training, quality improvement and research with volunteer time


Support anaesthetists to develop local healthcare systems through learning
opportunities abroad

Project Management

Dedicated local project managers provide administrative and logistical capacity to the project, as well as supporting the vision and motivation for the work

Resuscitation Training

Anaesthetist-led training courses helping healthcare workers learn how to recognise a deteriorating patient and lead effective resuscitation

Learning Resources

Vital resources for training

Multidisciplinary Courses

Learning together as teams helps to develop safe surgical care

Trainee Bursaries

Support doctors training to become anaesthetists, covering tuition fees and expenses

Technology Infrastructure

Fund essential infrastructure for remote learning

Recruitment into Anaesthesia

Support the recruitment of more doctors into specialist training in anaesthesia

Simulation Equipment

Interactive training resources for hands-on practice managing acutely unwell patients and anaesthetic emergencies

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"My fellowship with ZADP was so much more than a teaching fellowship. Whilst I did spend the majority of my time teaching (mostly in-theatre supervision), I learnt more than I taught. I learnt how to teach and supervise others in a different clinical setting to my own and how to manage complex patients with advanced disease processes with limited resources. I learned new ways to be adaptive and collaborative with the theatre team. I gained knowledge from the trainees I came out to teach, not just about anaesthesia but about their resilience and dedication to an anaesthesia program they work so hard to complete. Finally, I’ve learnt so much about myself. The fellowship challenged me in numerous ways, which is why I feel it was so rewarding. Living in Zambia was a delight, I’d recommend this fellowship to anyone looking for a professional or personal adventure."
Dr Erica Morris
Senior ZADP Fellow 2023

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